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Jason’s Body Headcanon:

(Note this is based on the movie version of Jason’s resurrection.)

Because my girlfriend and I determined that, Comic book magic aside, there is no way Jason could have been completely intact if he had only been 10 feet from a bomb that destroyed the cement floor of a building, so we decided to figure out what really happened to Jason and created something traumatic and horrifying.

The white marks the mostly intact part of Jason, the pink marks the area where Jason was horribly burned, and the black marks the parts of Jason that were destroyed.

But Bruce doesn’t realize this when he finds Jason, because Jason had curled into himself to protect himself from most of the blast and he had landed in such a way so that his intact side was visible. Bruce doesn’t realize until he goes to pick Jason up as he did in the comics and most of his organs begin spilling out.

The trauma of the event sears itself into Bruce’s mind, the way he has to tenderly wrap up what he can find of Jason in his cape just to carry him onto the jet he called for after his stomach had settled, and the moment remains forever recorded through the lens of his cowl for him to eternally torment himself, to remind himself of what had happened to the Robin, the soldier, the son he’d failed. They carefully wrap Jason up and place him in a coffin with the lid firmly shut.

And it is from this coffin that Jason’s body is more firmly wrapped and taken by Ra’s Al Ghul. The bandages are the only way to keep Jason’s body together when he’s thrown into the Lazarus pit and the only way to keep Jason from escaping the pit, screaming bloody murder, as he experiences the pain of regrowing nearly half of his body and a large portion of his organs, including his heart.

As a result, one half of Jason’s body is 15 years younger than the other—the skin is newer, smoother and more likely to bruise; his heart is younger, stronger; his bones more flexible and his joints more easier to move.

The mark of this regrowth is there in the visible line between the old and the new, one side of his body paler, smoother, softer, less scarred, but more tender than the other, though eventually it goes on to match after many years and many new scars.

However, the trauma never fades, the ear-splitting screams that echo from the price paid for his left side’s youth.

Jason will never forget the memory of the pain and terror of regrowing half of his body, floundering for the surface as he drowned in the eerie green waters of the pit.

Omg. Why would you do this? WHY?!

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