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My partner. My soldier. My fault


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Detective Comics #30 (2014)

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I need to get teeth pulled before the infection causes blood poisoning



Yes, that’s exactly how serious it is. The infection I had before is back and it’s worse. What was affecting one tooth is now affecting five and the bill has gone from uncomfortable to impossible. I have to get this done and I have no other way to pay for it. I’ve already had to change antibiotics because the infection became resistant to the last one. If I don’t get these teeth pulled the infection will never go away, it will just keep getting worse and if it does, it will likely kill me.

I am literally begging for my life right now.

Please help me.

This is a post from my main blog. It’s not in any way related to world building but it is related to me staying alive. If you could signal boost as much as possible and/or pitch in, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you.

One day I’ll learn to stop believing the things Dustin says…



Just got word that we’re getting to move forward with a book we pitched late last year for a new Lil Gotham series, titled BATMAN: Lil’er Gotham.

We’re working up themes for stories right now, covering all the Lil’er holidays we missed last year. The biggest change you’ll notice is that we were asked to go even bigger with their heads, and will most likely be eliminating legs and limbs altogether. Marketing felt this would help us compete with the growing trend in chibi toys and SD styled merchandise out there.

I for one, was against it at first ,but then i considered how much less i would have to draw, so im definitely on board. Also, editorial is looking at even shorter stories, down to roughly 5-6 pages per chapter, hence the ” Lil’er ” part.

I’m crazy excited, i hope you’ll join in as well!


damian and irey hanging out at wayne manor please :D

" Are you leaving any time soon?"






hello i have come to seduce you


Why don’t we… Quack open a bottle of wine?

Don’t worry babe, I’ve got the

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♫ Now I’ve got friendships to mend
I’m selfishly dispossessed
You don’t wanna be my boyfriend
And that’s probably for the best
Because that, that gets messy
And you will hurt me
Or I’ll disappear

So we will drink beer all day
And our guards will give way
And we’ll be good ♫


Hanging with lovers Marcus To and Derek Fridolfs in Seattle

Ah, when the cat’s away, huh? I see how it is


This has to be done.

Even though I don’t have much spare time I still need to draw these 2

I don’t actually ship them but I really like these 2 being together!

Seeing them together can cure diseases